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Today's public funding environment is as challenging and as competitive as it's ever been. More and more organizations - your competitors - are fighting for fewer and fewer dollars from the customers you share. The result is that the funders find themselves in a position where evaluation and selection is incredibly difficult, and the acquisition process is becoming a game of inches rather than yards. It's taking longer, and the rules are enforced without exception to minimize, generally unsuccessfuly, the chance for protest. Indeed, agencies are building time into their procurement schedules to deal with protests.

To have a chance of winning, anything you submit to public agencies absolutely has to be compliant. i's dotted and t's crossed. All requirements addressed with proof and reference. Or you give the selection board a non-protestable reason to eliminate your submission from consideration, which means they have to deal with one less pile of paper. It matters not if you have the best solution for the best price. You have to "answer the mail" to be considered. That's the game in today's environment.

Our team has been writing winning competitive proposals for almost 25 years. Our win rate over time exceeds 60 % for competitive proposals, some in the most competitive arenas of the federal government. Why? Because we don't play where we can't win. We look at each opportunity carefully and brutally objectively, and basically tell you not to waste your time and money if we don't think you have the team, technology, approach, and especially the relationships to win. You may not like the answer, but if you can't win, spending the human capital and expense is disruptive and painful. And whether it's the first time you've been through the effort, or you've written lots of proposals before, it can be daunting. We can help.

We've developed and honed a front-end process to determine whether it's worth it for you to chase an opportunity. It's pretty simple. We sign an NDA so we can all talk freely, and spend a half a day with your leadership team, walk you through some basics, talk about those obvious and not-so apparent attributes you need to consider, and give you an opinion.

Starting in late 2012, we are featuring a blog about proposal development - some of the tricks we've learned, some of the things you should consider. Take a look. Let us know if you'd like to discuss what you're reading and if we can help.


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