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Innovation's a team sport.

Bringing the right mix of researchers, customers, product developers, business and legal talent together, and making them productive is an art form. Our Product and Technology Development consultants have been creating this art successfully on a confidential, targeted basis for more than twenty years, helping organizations establish innovative, creative collaborations to develop technology and products that are unique, valuable and competitive.

We don't do the research and product development ourselves, but put the necessary process, planning and management in place so the participating organizations can.


We've developed and honed strategies and processes to help our clients create innovative technologies and products. These processes are targeted to identify the right team members and deal with the issues related to technology development in a collaborative setting. Our approach is to conduct a series of fact-finding workshops with our clients where we:

  • define the problem to be solved - maybe not what you might think at first, but the real problem...
  • confirm the market demand and benefits,
  • identify the resources - all of them: people, materials, facilities and equipment, background intellectual property, including the "gaps" to be filled - needed to successfully create the technology,
  • solve the intellectual property issues associated with collaborative development,
  • create an approach that will position the technology properly in the marketplace,
  • develop requisite business cases and justifications for the effort, and
  • determine how to best obtain funding to make the process successful.

A key part of the process is to take our clients through a technology roadmapping exercise where we jointly examine each step of development, who needs to be involved, what the results need to be, and how to maximize the investment at each stage of development. And we've found that our roadmapping process will bring out uses for your technology that you may well have never considered.

We've worked in the aerospace, biotechnology/ life sciences, materials, software, and energy fields with small startups as well as large companies. All of our engagements have been done on a confidential basis, but we'd be glad to talk with you about equivalent "case studies" that describe the processes we followed, the issues we faced, and the results.

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