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The people that make up our consortium are a world-class mix of independent entrepreneurs, each of whom has years of experience in his or her technical or management niche, and operates his or her independent practice when not working with our joint client base. We've worked together long enough to know and trust each other's ethics, integrity, capability, and commitment to quality. And that's important.

The mix is eclectic, too: there are designers, builders, researchers, facilitators, planners, and advisors in our group. Our model is to call on those experts with the right set of skills, experience and personality for the assignment.

We don't have corporate overhead; the beach mat is paid for and fully depreciated. We're proud of who we are, what we've accomplished, and what we can do for you. Take a look at the brief bios for people in our group, and click on the names for more detail, review their skills, and visit their websites.

Mark Hoberecht: HarvestBuild Associates. Practice areas: The Environment; Product and Technology Development

Mark specializes in the design and construction of residential and small commercial structures that deliver European “passivhaus” energy performance with the health and environmental benefits of natural building methods. He is also a world-class developer of advanced fuel cell technology for the space program as well as sustainable terrestrial applications.

Don Bailey: BD Associates Practice area: Product and Technology Development

Don's spent more than 35 years working in product development in the private and non-profit sectors. Don's an expert in intellectual property rights from a technologist's perspective, and has put together successful partnerships of researchers, technologists and commercializers for creative and innovative products.

Herb Rosenheck: Technology Planning Associates. Practice area: Information Systems

Herb's been working with companies in IT since the 60s, providing innovative and state-of-the-art planning for companies from TRW to small entrepreneurs. He's a master at helping organizations figure out how to grow, evaluate opportunities, and in creating and negotiating agreements ranging from procurements to acquisitions and divestitures. But his real skill is looking at a company and giving solid, no-nonsense advice on making it better.

George Ziga

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