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Mark Hoberecht is Principal and Owner of HarvestBuild Associates, Inc., specializing in straw-bale, cob, and straw/clay construction. He is a major innovator of new, cutting-edge natural building techniques - his Naturally Passive House™ concept meets the rigorous European “passivhaus” standards, and is a major breakthrough in healthy, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly construction.

Mark's passion for natural building began during his graduate studies at Slippery Rock University, where he extensively researched vernacular building methods from around the world, nearly all of which rely on the liberal use of natural building materials. As a chemical engineer, he was able to gain an in-depth understanding of the building science concepts that apply to these vernacular, natural building systems.

After founding HarvestBuild, Mark has designed or consulted on over 20 natural building projects, many of which have been featured in newspaper and magazine articles as well as on local radio and television stations. He has taught workshops for the Cleveland Green Building Coalition and Natural Building Colloquium East, lectured at Oberlin College and Case Western Reserve University, and given presentations at the Timber Framers Guild Eastern Conference and U.S. Passive House Conference.

Mark has also worked at NASA for more than 30 years, and specializes in fuel cells and renewable energy systems. He was a renewable energy consultant for the Environmental Studies Center at Oberlin College, one of the most energy efficient college classroom buildings in the world, and has spent the last 15 years developing advanced fuel cell systems for both space and terrestrial applications. He has authored or co-authored over 25 technical publications, and is the Principal Investigator for all of NASA's fuel cell development in support of the Exploration vision.

He holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Cleveland State University (1979), a M.S. in Engineering Science from The University of Toledo (1987), and a M.S. in Sustainable Systems from Slippery Rock University (1996). He also has professional certifications in Bau-Biologie and Permaculture design, and has taken a number of courses in Architectural and Construction Engineering Technology. He, his wife Awnhee, and their dogs and wildlife friends all live in Columbia Station, Ohio.


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