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Herb Rosenheck is a proven executive, team builder, problem solver and mentor to technical teams. He provides business advisory services to management with an emphasis on technology. He enables clients to create new business start-ups, and adopt new business models that support growth and profitability. He has participated in collaborative research and project teams made up of industry and government participants, leading to new products, development and national security.

Selected Highlights

Technology Planning: Herb's responsible for the development and implementation of critical corporate-wide systems and processes for medium and large sized businesses to manage current initiatives and markets for new products, technologies and services.

Commercialization: Created successful initiatives to enhance business environments including business processes, procedures, policies, financial, sales, inventory, research, manufacturing, and strategies for the development of on-line Internet business services (for profit). Provide advisory activities to successfully sell clients' consumer electronics business, netting over $20 million.

Information Technology: He has provided information technology project management and technical advisory services to large IT operations, with a concentration on strategy, critical business needs and results, and organizational development. His technical areas of expertise include management systems, network architecture and infrastructure and operations center functions.

Project Management: Herb established, directed, and participated in design and construction projects including corporate and regional headquarters, data centers, and research centers utilizing innovations in building sciences, office design, and environmental and sustainable technologies. He's conducted design/development reviews and team mentoring for successful project implementation.

Outsourcing: Herb is a qualified and effective contract negotiator. He develops team strategies and helps in the conduct of negotiations with service provider's covering Outsourcing for extended multi-million dollar client operations such as the State of California as well as the Counties of Orange and Siskiyou.

Procurement: He has also conducted procurement negotiations with various Government Agencies as well as with commercial firms for the acquisition of multi-million dollar hardware, communication systems and software.

Litigation Experience: He has performed assignments for legal firms and support for firms such as Arthur Anderson, involved in various legal disagreements related to hardware systems and software. Also, , analyses of County Voting machines and processes which previously resulted in disenfranchisement of voters in a national election as well as on-going oversight for several subsequent elections.

Buildings: He was Project Manager for intelligent systems during the design and build-out of the TRW World Headquarters. He was an active participant and team member in other large facility projects representing OAI, TRW Systems, and Johnson Controls, Inc., the U.S. State Department/U.S. Embassy's, The National Academy of Sciences/National Resource Council as well as the Industry/Government -- Advanced Building Systems Integration Consortium(ABSIC).

Management: Prior to forming TPA in the 1980s, Herb was a Vice President and General Manager at TRW's Systems Division, Credit Data. Earlier he was an owner/partner of an IT Computer Service Company supporting the aerospace and energy industries.

Contact: hbr@gte.net

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