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George Ziga is an entrepreneur, a technologist, and a builder. He has spent the past thirty years putting together collaborative teams of industry, academia, and government researchers, engineers, customers, and stakeholders to create innovative technologies, design and construct world-class facilities, and tackle and solve hard problems.

George was a co-founder of the GreenGate concept, and served as Managing Director of GreenGate Associates. George has degrees in physics, mathematics, and accounting, and has done graduate work in business. He has studied architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning, and has co-authored a number of publications, including Designing the Office of the Future: The Japanese Approach to Tomorrow's Workplace with the Carnegie-Mellon Department of Architecture Advanced Building System Integration Consortium.

George has led the development of well over $350 Million of successful proposals to federal, state, and private organizations to support innovative research and development in a variety of business sectors

He is currently involved in strategic planning, business development, capture, proposal development, and project management in the aerospace and defense sector while continuing to be active in sustainable design and development activities, particularly the educational and research aspects of the field.


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