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Dr. Donald J. Bailey is President of BD Associates, LLC, where he develops and institutes intellectual property processes and related documentation including patent and licensing activities, technology partnerships, consortium collaboration and other relevant organizational agreements for his clients.

Prior to retiring from the Ohio Aerospace Institute in 2005, he held various management positions including Vice President of Industry Programs and Vice President of Research and Technology Partnering with responsibility for the Institute's industrial membership, sponsor programs and technology proposal activities. During this time period OAI secured and managed on behalf of its partners over $80 mm in grants from a variety of governmental agencies. He's currently under contract with OAI as Director of Technology Transition, where he continues his work in intellectual property and assisting with OAI's Collaborative Core Research Program and proposal teaming activities, as well as working with other clients on a confidential basis.

Prior to joining OAI, he was Executive Vice President of Operations for Kuhlman Corporation's Transformer businesses headquartered in Versailles, Kentucky. He also held various engineering and marketing management positions with manufacturers serving the electric utility industry including Vice President of Marketing for Kuhlman, Manager of Technology Operations, Manager of Marketing and Product Technology, Manager of Engineering for General Electric's Transformer Business Department, as well as various engineering management positions with GE's Nuclear Power Division. Prior to joining GE, he spent 10 years in applied research at the General Motors Research Laboratories in Warren, Michigan.

Dr. Bailey graduated from the University of Washington where he received his undergraduate, M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Metallurgy. Dr. Bailey's areas of research include the deformation and strengthening mechanisms of metals, structure property relationships, rapid thermo-mechanical processing of metals and soft magnetic materials. He has considerable experience in the transition and commercialization of game changing technology with his teaming activities through OAI, with General Motors where he led early development of dual-phase high strength steels for the auto industry and with General Electric where he was responsible for the research, development and commercial implementation of a family of novel ultra-high efficiency amorphous metal core distribution transformers for the electric utility industry. Dr. Bailey is a highly experienced team facilitator with a proven track record for successful introduction of new technology into the marketplace, has authored over 75 technical reports and publications, with 3 U.S. patents.


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