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III. The Educational World


Currently underway, but a long way from prime time, is the GreenGate Design Institute. It has four parts, currently being shaken and stirred into actions that will promulgate the concept above in the design, construction and community practice of the future:

Education and outreach: Capture and make available skills and techniques needed to live well in the post-affordable oil society through courses and conferences, publicly-available databases and other resources.

Products and technology: Further the development of products, materials and technology that minimize carbon in manufacture and transportation and supporting local economies through partnering, identifying and assisting with funding, providing intellectual property advices, and general advisory services.

Ecological design and practice: Integrate the best of ecological sound and sustainable community, housing, and landscape development into common practice for the architectural and design industries. Provide those practices to the public.

Business adaptation: Adapt and then teach ecological and sustainable practice to the legal, real estate, building and construction, insurance, and municipal government areas through conferences, workshops, and online courses.


This is GreenGate, the combined thinking of many smart, socially-conscience, and dedicated people. If what we are doing is what you believe, too, write us. Let's talk.


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