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A number of the participants in the discussions were members of the consortium of consultants and business advisors which preceded GreenGate, who had been working together for more than twenty years. Each of these people had an awareness and passion for the subject that went back years; it's one of the reasons they worked together and was a natural extension to doing things right and well that permeated their consulting practices. As the principles evolved, the consortium members looked for ways to adopt those tenets into the way they conducted business:

So: When we engage our clients, let's make sure they know our philosophy. Let's advise our clients not just look at the quarterly-profit view, but the long term - it's the right thing to do and its possible now because we'll also propose solutions where there's technology available that makes it good business sense, too.

When we advise clients on where and how to locate a data center or office or warehouse, let's talk early on about sustainable materials and smart. Let's see if we can minimize footprints - both size and carbon. Let's talk about the communities around the facility; how to interact with them and influence how they act and live - smartly and comfortably.

When we design shelter, let's drive for the elegant passive, not just LEED, but truly efficient and sustainable.

Let's keep not just the cost of travel down, but the impact the method of travel has on the environment.

Let's look at the life cycle of the products and services we develop, recommend, use - the entire life cycle from when the tree was cut or the ore came out of the ground to when it's disposed of.

GreenGate Associates is the reconstituted consortium, officially and appropriately adopting the principles for our work. We continue to provide the same world-class services that we always have; we're just consciously more careful and proactive about how we do it.


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