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I: The GreenGate Communities

GreenGate is a network of unique residential communities that encompasses the best of world-class design and local craftsmen and materials, with high performance and sustainability. Each community is planned and built to restore, mediate and ultimately improve the natural infrastructure with which it coexists.

GreenGate communities will have a variety of common systems and services, open green spaces, and a range of housing and building types, construction, and value to represent the cultural, economic, and infrastructural climate of the area and its inhabitants. Each community will create, supply and manufacture one or more innovative products, services or technologies that can be exported to other communities or to the world at large using the materials, artisans, and other resources local to the community.


Elegant, world-class design, architecture, and construction: Raise the imagination.

Technology where it makes sense: a pioneer for the 21st century community. A zero discharge environment. Local craftsman and materials is the culture. Renewable, energy-based systems. Art to symbolize the land space: The landscape is living space, too. Sociological and employment base with net export

Educational: Agriculture, craft, living off the land in the 21st century

Restoration: The space we occupy is better after occupancy than before. A solid process for planning, design and occupancy: transferable throughout the globe

Pretty good words, eh? Note two key issues.

The first is the concept of elegance; it should look good as well as be responsible. Look around at the many materials and products made smartly from renewable materials, the efficiencies of the systems that are available today, and it's clear that it's possible. Zero energy cost living is possible in a very elegant way that's affordable. Passive can and should be elegant. Sustainable and efficient doesn't have to look like caveman interiors. That's new. That wasn't possible even ten years ago.

The second is "transferable throughout the globe". "Local" means local; what may work for the Midwest United States won't work in the Southwest United States, and won't work in Central Africa. But there are common needs that can use local materials, local craftsmen, local skills - shelter, clothing, agriculture, business and economies. Let's add a little clean and sustainable technology to the mix - renewable energy, smart building methods, efficient transportation - which would enhance the communities' quality of life, and not impact the environmental footprint, and everyone wins.



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