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GreenGate Associates is a consortium of socially-committed independent consultants, entrepreneurs, and industry experts who have banded together to provide world-class professional consulting and advisory services to our diverse client base. Each of our team maintains an independent practice, and we call upon each other under the GreenGate umbrella when our projects and assignments need his or her specific skill set.

This is our corporate headquarters... We don't spend nearly enough time here...

We've been working together for more than thirty five years, serving the industrial, academic, and governmental sectors with information technology, building sciences, product and technology development, and general advisory services. We share a common theme: facilitation, collaboration, and project management: getting creative people - your people, and others - to do the work they need to do to make your organization competitive and vital. And, important in our practice is our commitment to the environment, sustainability, and the impact of what we do in the future for our children and yours. In the past year, we've been teaching project management, too, and adding our brand of practicality to getting things done.

Our philosophy is simple, and it's why we're successful and still growing: you'll get the product we committed to give you, whether it's a study, a report, a proposal, a strategy, a design, or a successful project - and good advice - that you can use; something of value, something that works, and something we will stand behind. Or we won't do it. The result of keeping that commitment is that our client list is impressive and, most importantly, satisfied.

The past fifteen years have found us working increasingly in the range of activities that make up the field of environmental engineering: sustainable development, renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon neutrality, and conservation - assisting companies and people to develop communities and products which are smart, innovative, and in tune with the environment. We have a real track record here - experience and success with the facilities we've designed and managed and the cost-effective products we've helped companies create. Not many firms can yet make that claim. We can, and we'd love to tell you about what we've learned and how we can help you.

Take a look around our website: Read about the beginnings of the GreenGate concept, our approach to Product and Technology Development and especially note the expertise and experiences of the people who make it work.

We are also featuring a blog to talk about proposal development in the competive federal sector and the lessons we've learned. We'll periodically throw a few ideas out. Let us know what you think.

If you have thoughts or ideas you would like to share, or if we can help, please contact us at admin@greengateassociates.com. Thanks for visiting!

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NOTE: May 1, 2018 is the thirty-fifth anniversary of the incorporation of Planning & Design Associates, Inc., the predecessor to GreenGate Associates. We're very proud to have served the academic, governmental, and industrial communities continuously for more than a third of a century.

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